The part of the world with an annual direct irradiation of at least 1800kW/m2 or an average daily irradiation of 4.9 kW/m2.



Converting natural gas into premium solar fuel

EZKlein has been planning and developing a process for the commercialization of natural gas solar reforming since 2009. During this time EZKlein has worked in close cooperation with the Solar Research facility at Weizmann Institute of Science to prepare for solar testing and modeling. Initial conversations have been ongoing with the DLR regarding their technologies. Though natural gas solar reforming tests have been conducted in sun at several leading research institutes to date no tests have been performed with immediate commercialization as the objective.

Restarting the SUNGAS initiative

EZKlein’s SUNGAS project plans were suspended in 2010 due to the considerable market uncertainty caused by projections of cheap natural gas in the US for decades to come.

Two years on some of that uncertainty has begun to dissipate: environmental push-back is mounting against risky shale fracking techniques in the United States; DOE has significantly downgraded estimates of shale gas reserves in the USA; the spot price of gas at the Henry-hub remained above $4/mmbtu for most all of 2011; and there is an emerging consensus that the era of inexpensive natural gas will not endure long into the 2020’s.

EZKlein is once again actively pursuing the commercialization of Industrial Solar Reforming beginning with the industrialization of the chemical process known as Solar Methane Reforming.

EZKlein has filed enabling patents for The Klein Solar Thermal Receiver and Reactor and for the Klein Process for industrialized Solar Reforming.

These technologies position EZKlein as leaders in the economically and environmentally valuable storage of solar energy in natural gas.